Thank you for signing into the Sciennes After School Care Scheme (SASCS) Holiday Bookings system.

You will now be sent an email (which should just take a couple of minutes) to ask you to provide a password. You can either accept the password given to you or make up your own. We would strongly suggest a nice strong password so that your details and the details of your children are kept secure.

Once you have done that you will be able to book places for Holiday Care and Sports Camp.

During the process of your first booking you will need to enter your full contact information. But each time you book after that, you will only need to enter your log-in information, the tickets required and your payment info.

The following forms must also be completed by parents/carers.

If this is your first booking in this school year, you may like to complete these whilst you are waiting for your log-in details.

These should be returned to the SASCS office:

Registration Form, Attendance Form and Privacy Notice – please complete one form per child for each school year.
Record of Medication – please complete in the event a child requires any medication administered during their time at SASCS.